Swimming pools

MARINE Inox pools are produced from AISI 316L stainless steel panels on a carbon steel frame.

Stainless steel pools can be individually designed for every customer. We can do sitting areas, SPA, whirlpool equipment installation, jet streams, lightning solutions.

Pools can be done with stairs or ladders, all custom made, with one side or full overflow and also skimmer type if needed.

Product is designed for every pool installation personally, so the shape and static can be adjusted to customer needs.

MARINE Inox pool can be installed above ground, on building roof or in mountainous area. Pool frame holds pool panels and water in it, so no specific concrete installation needed around the pool. This saves time and of course money for our customers.

In the case pool is installed above ground – carbon steel frame let‘s us install stainless steel panel on the exterior of the shell and, if needed, other materials could be applied to complete installation of the pool.

Stainless steel pool is longlasting valuable object with contemporary design and style.